Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Story!!

Here we are. Living in Provo at Wymount Terrace, starting a new life together. From our first days of hanging out going to football and basketball games, chiptole, watching movies on the love sack, talking all through history, and feeding you lunch with my meal plan.

To offically dating, as Spencer took forever to finally give in and just date me. I was ready way before him, BUT... he claims he never had a true girlfriend before and didn't really like the title/DTR, which was totally fine with me. I just thought that we started offically dating just me and him way before he did and we didn't discover this until we were engaged and were talking about things. Funny know looking back at that time being surprised he went out on other dates with other girls that I had no clue about because I thought we hung out almost everyday and he had no other opportunity to go out with other girls. O well I've got him forever now. YAY!!!

To being Engaged and more in love with him ever because he stopped being mean and telling me that I should go on a mission. Or saying nothing about me in his summer plans. He finally asked me the week after Valentine's Day and after meeting his family in Colorado. I was totally surprised to because I thought he wouldn't ask me until April, but I was so happy that he asked me sooner then later. I don't think I could of handled him telling me to go on a mission anymore. Wedding planning we easy and fun, but I know that it was hard work for my mom and all the people who helped make my reception and wedding day the most wonderful, beautiful day ever.

To our wedding day. The most amazing sealing and reception ever. The people who helped out made our backyard look like heaven. It was more then I ever thought it would be and I was so happy that most of my family could make it as well as my
three best friends, Lauren from home, Meghan and Audrey from school (I wish all my
roommates/best friends could of been there), and Kyle, Spencer's best friend and mine as well. The journey to where we are now has been a long one, but the wait was totally worth it. I love being married to the most wonderful, sweet, loving, kind man ever. He makes me happy everyday and I couldn't of been any happier with anyone else because Spencer is the only one for me.

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