Friday, March 29, 2013

Halfway Mark!

This post is a little over due but o well! Better late than never!

Only 20 more weeks! I can't believe I am halfway, and yet I feel like I still have a long time until I get to hold my baby girl in my arms. At this point I haven't been the best at tracking things while being pregnant, or taking pictures, which I already regret.

So here I am going to take pictures every week. I am thinking Sundays will be the best since I get to dress up. Since I work at the Botanical Gardens I just wear t-shirts (Mostly Spencer's now) and my one pair of maternity jeans that I absolutely love. People have told me to just wear my normal jeans and either get a belly band, or rubber band, but maternity jeans are way more comfortable. As a side note, I tried to wear a normal pair of jeans, that I could fit into last week, but the button popped off right before I was headed out the door. So back to my maternity jeans I went. I was kinda sad and wanted to cry, but I laughed really hard instead and realized this is just all part of being pregnant. A belly that gets bigger every week.

So here is a super cute outfit, I LOVE THE PANTS THE MOST, that my mommy bought for me. I was so excited to wear them and I couldn't until today since I don't work Fridays and can dress up. YAY for being fashionable while pregnant and a fashionable mommy who knows whats in style! She sent me a wonderful Easter package of clothes that I desperately needed. I cannot wait to wear my super cute Easter dress next Sunday. I can't believe that Easter is next week! Time just flies by. Which means that I only have six more weeks of seminary. The kids have their spring break second week of April so that is going to be a much needed break. Still trying to get my feet under me after my partner was called into the Stake Presidency a few weeks ago. I am so grateful for having this calling, but it is probably one of the hardest callings you can have in the church.

Anyways, I feel the baby kick more and more. It makes me smile every time I feel her. Spencer has yet to feel it, but I am thinking it will be sometime in the next week or so. Usually she is more active during the day when we are apart, so I'm hoping this weekend will be a good time to feel her. Sometimes at work I just sit there for a while with my hand on my tummy, hoping no one walks by to see me with my hand in my pants since she kicks right on the waistline of them, and feel her kick a lot. Other times nothing, but we get to she her really well in our first sonogram on Monday. I am very excited for that.

Things I have to complain about being pregnant is a very short list. I have had an extremely easy and comfortable pregnancy, I haven't gotten morning sickness, just tired first trimester. I get more winded/tired easily, but still have more energy now then my first three months. The only bad thing that has really happened the whole time is I have been breaking out everywhere. This has been no fun and I wish I would go away before summer, crossing my fingers. The other more recent is I can tell that my hands and feet/ankles are starting to swell a bit. My heels are tighter and leave an indention all over my foot or cannot wear some of them at all, and not sure how much longer I can wear my wedding ring. Especially now as it starts to warm up. But those things are really nothing to complain about. I am so happy with everything and I am loving every day. Spencer has been so kind and sweet to me, really stepping up to help around the house and cook and clean. I am so grateful to have him in my life and to share this magical experience together.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's a GIRL!

This is me 18 weeks prego!

I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now, but yes Spencer and I are having a girl. I (WE) could not be more thrilled to welcome her in August into our home. We don't have a name yet, but we do have some that we are thinking about. I will not tell you until she is born, but it's going to be a beautiful name no matter what. So last Monday was our check up. Of course our little girl was stubborn, hence being a girl, and wouldn't change positions to really get a good look to see the gender. It was obvious once the lady pointed it out and told us if it was a boy, there would be something sticking out. There was nothing, and you could see two lines, indicating a baby GIRL! I am over the moon excited and already have fun plans for her nursery. Of course they are only plans, since we are poor and can't do/get anything right now. Plus We are still waiting to see what is going to happen with Spencer this summer. Right now it's a toss up of Atlanta, or Colorado. I personally want to stay in Atlanta just so it will be easier with health insurance and not finding a new doctor. Plus if we go to CO, I will probably end up having the baby there with my due date so close to us leaving. There is no way I will be able to drive or fly back to ATL during those months. In the end, we will be happy wherever Spencer lands a job/internship. So please keep us in your prayers because we still have not heard back good new from anybody.

I got a fun package in the mail tonight from Mimi, already spoiling our little girl which I am okay with since that is what grandparents are for right? That day I called to tell her, she went out and bought her some outfits. One for leaving the hospital, one for church and a fun outing dress, and some adorable onesies with matching socks that range from 0-3m and 6-9m. Here are here clothes all together of what we have so far. I just love little girl clothes. Of course most of it is from Mimi and Grandma Malley! Grandma Malley already gave me some things before I was even pregnant the green zebra bodysuit and the one with the butterfly on the bum, and at Christmas time the cute dress, She told me she just pictured a mini Kaitlin in it when she saw it, once we told our families that we were expecting! Thank you both very very very much! Everything we have so far is darling and I can't wait to get more. Spencer today was like alright we are totally set. OF course I gave him a look like are you cray cray man because we needs tons more. Plus she is a girl so she needs lots of clothes. Now I need to start making hair bows to go with her outfits!

Of course I bought these for Spencer way back. They were on sale and they are perfect for us. This is how I told him, well kinda, that we were expecting. Of course I told Spencer that morning, but that night I wrapped some presents (it was almost Christmas) and he opened them all excited. I then told him even if we are having a girl, she can still wear them. I need to make sure she wears a cute bow so everyone knows shes a girl! Spencer obviously thinks this is the most important and coolest outfit for her, but I know I already have/ will get plenty more outfits that are more darling as time goes by. As you can tell, I am so excited to be having a girl and I cannot wait to get more clothes, nursery things, and do my crafts for her! Yay for girls!

Monday, February 18, 2013

New Straightener Help!

So last weekend, Spencer and I went to Washington D.C. for a J. Reuben Clark Law Society Conference. It was fun, and very tiring. WE really didn't have much time to do all the touristy stuff and we didn't even get to do a US Capitol tour. Which I am so bummed about, but we might go back for his spring break. Not quite sure. We were so busy with conference things all weekend, although we did get to go to the Air and Space museum, see the Washington monument and capitol. I also got to go to the Newsmuseum, which was awesome, and wished I had more time to spend there. We got to spend time with my sister, Amy and her fun family. I haven't seen them in 3 years, so it was worth it. I also go to see one my of all time best friend MEGHAN, and her new hubby Joey. That was way way way too short, only like for 2 hours, cause we had to drive back to GA. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, and a great way for Spencer to learn more about internship process and put his name out there for help to get a job! Anyways back to my hair straightener crisis. I just bought one off of zulily for about $75. I am so mad and upset that it broke. I need a new one again now. I was planning on using this one for about 3 or 4 more years, but I guess I really didn't get that great of a one. IT was a T3 single pass, although it really wasn't a single pass. I really didn't like it that much, but it worked better than my old one that hardly gets hot now and I was pleased to use it for those next years until I could get a nice one. Well now I don't know which straightener to get. I found mine broken in two, I don't know how it happened, but I think someone stepped on it and it broke. I guess that is what I get when its basically plastic, like I said not the best one I've had. So I have used my friends CHI before and have always loved it and thought about getting one myself. There are more out there now that have great reviews as well like the HAI, SEDU, and the GHD? So which one do u prefer, and have you used any of the others ones to really now which is better. I have looked at so many reviews, I cannot think straight and tell which is better. I am thinking I should stick with the CHI, but if there is one better out there, PLEASE HELP ME!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeling bigger!

Everyday, after I eat, especially by the end of the day, I feel really big! When I wake up, I don't really feel it or see it too much, but after eating my tummy gets big. Is this normal? I think it is because I have seen and read other pregnancy blogs that have happened to them as well. I cannot wait for 3 more weeks and we get to find out the gender! What I really need to do, now that I have more energy again, is some workout. At work, I basically sit down all day and I feel like I need to get up about every hour to walk around. This makes me not so stir crazy, and helps with circulation with the baby. Occasionally I get to go out and help the other curators outside, which I like to do. At least I can keep doing it for now! What are some good workouts you have done when pregnant? I have heard yoga is good, and will definitely try that. Anything else? Spencer has been so cute, and makes me love him even more during my pregnancy. Always taking good care of me, rubbing my tummy, and giving it a kiss. I know he will be an amazing daddy come August! I was telling him yesterday how excited I am to have our baby in our arms, and that I couldn't wait another 5 months! It feels like forever, yet I know when I get closer I will probably be saying hurry up and get our baby out so I won't be uncomfortable anymore! I dunno I guess we will see. The only thing that makes me really nervous is the delivery. I haven't really read to much about the options and what all it entails, but that hospitals and needles don't mix well with me. I am definitely a give me my epidural kinda of person, I don't know if I could handle all the pain, but I don't want to see that huge needle go in my back either. EWWWW! Faint big time. I could hardly stand the doctors taking 7 viles of my blood. Ok breath..... anyways I am excited about everything else, but just worried/scared about delivery. At least science has come such a long way since a decade and they know what their doing! This past weekend, Spencer and I went down to Atlanta to stay with my brother Tristan, and his wife Erin and their son Parker. It was fun, of course I messed up with our restaurant experience. We went to try this Brazilian Steakhouse through a groupon deal and the service was kinda slow, food not that great (of course we kept comparing it to Tucanos), and even after our groupon we still had to pay $30 each. It was definitely not worth the money at all. It made me so mad how expensive it all was, on their website, don't even have the prices. Next time I am calling about the price to see how much everything is. It was still fun, just makes me want Tucanos to get our grilled pineapple and better meats!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bascially 14 weeks Prego!

By now the announcement is basically out. Spencer and I are having a baby! We are due August 4, 2013 and couldn't be happier! You can kinda see a belly forming now, which is new this week!I am so excited to become a mother. So here is the story of everything that has been going on. I have been baby hungry for almost two years now, but waited until after Cambodia to really start thinking and trying anything. Stopped taking birth control a month left while in Cambodia and didn't want to be back on it. After that Spencer and I talked and I told him that I am ready to have a baby. So a year goes by and nothing happens/ my body was all out of wack. I won't go into to much detail because I am sure you don't want to all hear about it. It was really hard for me and I had some hard days of not being pregnant. Especially when I saw a friend or someone around me announce that they were pregnant. I just couldn't wait or take it any more, so I finally decided it's time to go see a doctor for some help. I am so glad that I did and wished I went sooner, but everything I've read said it can take some time to get pregnant and wait to go see a doctor until after a year. While we were in Utah last summer, I went to my OBGYN guy that I saw before we moved to GA. He told me we needed to run some tests and then decide from there what to do. I decided since we were only there for one more month to just get a regular checkup. I didn't want to start things, and then leave to find another doctor to continue. So we wanted until we got back, find an awesome OBGYN practice that were so kind and there for us. We went to talk to the doctor and he said it sounded like I am not ovulating since my period wasn't regular at all. Which never happened to me before I took birth control so I blame it all on that. Anyways, he prescribe me some meds to get me to ovualte and told us that it might take a few months to actually have success at getting pregnant. So I went and took the meds and then it all worked out the first time I took them! I was so happy and elated! We found out that we were pregnant about a week after Thanksgiving. The whole first month and probably the whole first trimester (I know that I am barely in the second but still) I was so scared of having a miscarriage. Well that didn't happen and everything is wonderful. I am feeling great, got really lucky and only had nausea not actual sick until Monday and yesterday. I do get headaches more frequently, but besides that I am just so happy I get to become a mom in August. I am so grateful the Lord has blessed Spencer and I with one of his children. I cannot wait to find out the gender (coming Feb. 25 our next appt. and first ultrasound!)Now all I need is some help and guidance with some things. Like what did you wear while you were pregnant. I am in the transition of not really being comfortable in my jeans, but can still basically fit. Most of my skirts don't fit anymore and I need more since I am teaching seminary. Where did you buy stuff cause we are on a tight budget, but I know I need to buy some new clothes. If you have any other advice that you really thought helpful, please do share. Thanks for all the love and support. Spencer and I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I am most Thankful For!

I am thankful for many things in my life. I am especially grateful for the Gospel in my life. I am proud to be a Mormon and have the knowledge that I have today. It just keeps growing everyday as well. I am thankful for my loving husband who supports me in everything. He is always there for me to uplift and hold me up. I am thankful for my big crazy family on both sides (in-laws). I get to spend time with my in-laws next week in Chapel HIll, NC. I am so excited to see them and to have that time with them. I am grateful for my cat Tebow, he is adorable and fun to have. I am grateful for the food on my plate everyday. After being in Cambodia, I am grateful to have those small things in life. I am so blessed everyday with wonder friends and family around me. I am grateful for my friends. I know I am not the best at calling or keeping in touch with them, but I really do think about them often. All the fun memories I have in college with MAKRA..if u remember that! LOL! and many more friends. I love you all and I will call you someday soon! I love being Mrs. Spencer Malley and will always cherish our times together! I love my family and friends and my church! Thank you for all the wonderful memories and times we have shared together! I hope there are many more to come!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

So I decided I wanted to make a huge, fun, delicious dinner. We had it once at my brothers family, Jesse and Alicia. Plus it was Easter type meal. I decided to make yummy lamb with homemade pitas, homemade hummus, and homemade chocolate chip cookie dough cake! Yes this cake might sound really gross, but it was probably the most
delicious cake I have ever had. I had about one or two bites and looked at Spencer and his was basically gone, so I think he really LOVED it!

So on Saturday I made the yellow cake, homemade and I think I will never buy a box cake again, and put it in the freezer, and I put the chickpeas to soak over night for the hummus, I made the pita dough on Friday because the recipe said that 3 days (which I didn't have) allows the flavors to get in.

For church I tried putting curls in my hair buy twisting and wrapping about 5 different places in my hair Saturday night, with a bandanna (but I didn't have one, so I used a slip and tied the bottom). Poor Spencer, he still loved me after all of this plus on time I tried the sock bun curls (which didn't work) and had a sock in my hair. He just laughed and said your so cute! Anyways the next morning I took it all out and I totally had BIG HAIR! Spencer said it looked good, but it was all frizzy, and huge, so I just ended up tying it back. But NY& CO was having a huge sale one everything and Spencer let me buy a new dress for Easter. It is super cute and everyone at church loved it!!! But of course when I sat down on the bed before I we left the elastic broke so I had to but a belt around it because Spencer ripped up the receipt and I took of the tag so it is too late to fix, but I think it is fixable.

After church I cut off all the fat off the lamb and marinaded it for an hour and cooked it for 1 1/2 in the oven and simmered the chick peas for 1 1/2 hours. While that was cooking, I made the butter cream frosting, cooked some cookies to decorate/eat the cake with, frosted the cake, made cookie dough balls (Spencer did those) and decorated the cake. It turned out super cute I think and I couldn't wait to eat it later! Then I made the hummus, in the blender which took quite a while since it was supposed to us a food processor, but it still turned out really good.

I then had to roll out the pitas and cook those after the lamb was finished. I decorated and set the table, cut up the veggies and then called Spencer to dinner after he cut the meat for me!

Everything turned out delicious and was totally slave labor that I had to endure to get everything done that took the whole 5 hours to do because I tried to do everything right and it took me a while. But after all that effort, we sat down for dinner and ate it all in like 10 minutes. It was all so good, we stuffed ourselves to the brim. We had to wait for the cake, which was amazing, and is Spencers new fav!

After all that work, it took me forever and my feet are killing me, but it was totally worth it. I just wish we asked some people over because we have tons of food left! Just more for us for leftovers!


o and we are probably going to be in Utah this summer for two months for Spencer to do a law internship over at BYU! We won't know for sure for a few more weeks, but its looking more like we will everyday! So if your in Utah, lets Play!