Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's a GIRL!

This is me 18 weeks prego!

I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now, but yes Spencer and I are having a girl. I (WE) could not be more thrilled to welcome her in August into our home. We don't have a name yet, but we do have some that we are thinking about. I will not tell you until she is born, but it's going to be a beautiful name no matter what. So last Monday was our check up. Of course our little girl was stubborn, hence being a girl, and wouldn't change positions to really get a good look to see the gender. It was obvious once the lady pointed it out and told us if it was a boy, there would be something sticking out. There was nothing, and you could see two lines, indicating a baby GIRL! I am over the moon excited and already have fun plans for her nursery. Of course they are only plans, since we are poor and can't do/get anything right now. Plus We are still waiting to see what is going to happen with Spencer this summer. Right now it's a toss up of Atlanta, or Colorado. I personally want to stay in Atlanta just so it will be easier with health insurance and not finding a new doctor. Plus if we go to CO, I will probably end up having the baby there with my due date so close to us leaving. There is no way I will be able to drive or fly back to ATL during those months. In the end, we will be happy wherever Spencer lands a job/internship. So please keep us in your prayers because we still have not heard back good new from anybody.

I got a fun package in the mail tonight from Mimi, already spoiling our little girl which I am okay with since that is what grandparents are for right? That day I called to tell her, she went out and bought her some outfits. One for leaving the hospital, one for church and a fun outing dress, and some adorable onesies with matching socks that range from 0-3m and 6-9m. Here are here clothes all together of what we have so far. I just love little girl clothes. Of course most of it is from Mimi and Grandma Malley! Grandma Malley already gave me some things before I was even pregnant the green zebra bodysuit and the one with the butterfly on the bum, and at Christmas time the cute dress, She told me she just pictured a mini Kaitlin in it when she saw it, once we told our families that we were expecting! Thank you both very very very much! Everything we have so far is darling and I can't wait to get more. Spencer today was like alright we are totally set. OF course I gave him a look like are you cray cray man because we needs tons more. Plus she is a girl so she needs lots of clothes. Now I need to start making hair bows to go with her outfits!

Of course I bought these for Spencer way back. They were on sale and they are perfect for us. This is how I told him, well kinda, that we were expecting. Of course I told Spencer that morning, but that night I wrapped some presents (it was almost Christmas) and he opened them all excited. I then told him even if we are having a girl, she can still wear them. I need to make sure she wears a cute bow so everyone knows shes a girl! Spencer obviously thinks this is the most important and coolest outfit for her, but I know I already have/ will get plenty more outfits that are more darling as time goes by. As you can tell, I am so excited to be having a girl and I cannot wait to get more clothes, nursery things, and do my crafts for her! Yay for girls!

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