Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes I know its been a while!!

Hello blogging world. I know that I have been really behind, but there isn't much to tell you. I think with thanksgiving and christmas coming up, I will have much more to tell you. But life is jolly good and Spencer and I are having a blast together. That picture with the happy birthday fish plate is a great story. So all growing up, my parents got a mickey mouse plate of him climbing a snowing mountain and we used to use that plate every birthday we would have a special place setting at the table where they sat and a happy birthday banner across the wall. I have always wanted to go to this place called Color Me Mine. What you do there is you pick out a pottery piece, almost anything and everything, from cups to plates, to bowls, to piggy banks, to christmas bowls or cool plate for candy, picture frames and all sorts of fun things to choose from. Well, it was my turn for date night last weekend and we went out to dinner at this awesome new asian food place called Pho noodle house on state street. It was delicious and I totally recommend it to everyone. That's besides the point, but Spencer has no idea what we were doing and where we were going since I was driving. Total surprise, but when we got there, I told him about the mickey mouse birthday plate and said I wanted to make a homemade on for our kids to use for their birthdays. We were going to use a normal boring round plate, but we saw the fish plate and Spencer was in Love with using it. It was kinda more expensive and we decided to use the normal one, but once we sat down he changed his mind and really wanted the fish plate, which I was totally fine with cause I liked it much better to. Well he had all the ideas and had total fun and I did as well with making the happy birthday in between each stripe of the fish and use balloons and confetti dots on the rest. We set to work and were really rushing in the end. I wish we had more time so our lines would me more even and better, but thats, the fun in creating your own. It's not perfect cause we aren't the best at drawing, and thats what makes it so special to us. Now we have a awesome happy birthday fish plate for our kids to us. YAY!!!! I really love it and I think it turned out AWESOME!

But Spencer and I have just been really busy with school and work. I am in a floral design class right now and I have really, really enjoyed it and I am thinking of going more towards floral design work instead of landscape design. I think I am better at it then design, but I know I could get better at landscape, just need some practice. I am really looking for an internship with a floral company, so I hope I get one this summer(cross your fingers for me). Anyways, work is cool since I am always at the Provo temple. It hasn't been too cold and no snow yet to wake up bright and early in the morning around 2 or 3 sometimes, which is what I get to do all next semester!!!School is school and I only have 3 semesters left of it. CRAZY!! and well thats just FANTASTIC!! (fun times with HPPP!! for all who actally read this meaning rachelle, audrey, and ashely- hahahah -evil laugh- voldemort voldemort o volde voldemort!!!) Anyways thats about all I have right now. More updates to come later.


  1. awww, i LOVE the fish plate!! why do you have to get up so early next semester??

  2. Haha! What a perrrrfect birthday plate! And those floral arrangements look HARD! Can't wait to see thanksgiving and christmas pics! Oh, and I was cracking up at the evil laugh "voldemort volde o voldemort" thingy even though I have know idea what the inside joke is :)

  3. The plate was mickey skating, not climbing a mountain. What family are you from?