Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feels like Home!!

So Memorial day weekend comes along, and I suggest that we go look at couches since we are planning on moving out of Wymount after finals into a really nice place called Monaco Court a little past 700 east past center street to. I'm really excited because its much nicer than wymount, has a dishwasher a better family room/kitchen area and is only a little more than what we pay now. Wymount has been good to us though. Anyways I just wanted to go look at the couches and low and behold the first place we go to is RC Willey outlet and we find a great sectional that was at the lowest price it has ever been. So we loved it and said I'm sure we can find something cheaper somewhere else. SO then we went to a small family owned place, didn't find anything. Then we went to the actual RC Willey because they always have different things and I feel in love with a bigger and more more expensive sectional, so did Spencer, but a different one then mine. So we where there for a while talking to a sales person, but we just kept thinking about the one at the outlet. So we went back to the outlet and bought it. YAY!!!!! THe only bad new was that it wasn't going to get here until Feb. 15 but last week they called us and we were able to get it. THen over the Christmas break we bought a 7 1/2 foot love sac that didn't seem very big to us compared to the 6 foot. So we got that in the mail the same week as the couch. Now there is no room to walk and too many wonderful, comfortable places to sit. We love your couches and so does everyone else that sits on them. I think they will last a long time and I love the way they look as well. even when we move into our small first house, we can put these couches somewhere. So I am proud of our first couches and our apartment finally feels homey!! WHOO HOOO!!

Then in that same week as well, Spencer got his awesome new phone. THe Droid Eris. HE loves, loves, loves, loves it and is always telling me of the cool new things he finds out with his phone. Lately his been obsessed with scanning the bar codes on books, movies, or anything that has a bar code and he can find it at different stores for cheap. It is a pretty cool phone and he is very good at not spending too much time on it when we can be together so I am very proud of him for that. But personally, he has become kind of a phone geek with it.hehehe never thought he would but he has done it. O and a really cool story of him, Kyle, and Nate(just some die hard nuggets fans). On friday, we were all watching the Lakers vs Nuggets together and after the game they decided that they would go up to the airport and wait for the nuggets to get in salt lake since they were playing the jazz (YUCKY!!) on saturday night (which we all went to and it was a sad game since the nuggets lost) So they left around 1 AM and just sat at the fork in the road to where you can go off on north temple road or enter the freeway. Kyle drove and was running out of gas and they took north temple road for a gas station, got out of the car and just about to put some gas in when they saw a carter bus drive by. They decided to follow it all the way to Grand America hotel, but parked at Little America across the street, ran over and saw Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony, JR smith, and Kenyan Martin ( I think I spelled them wrong o well). They ran up to them and said great game, beat the jazz and Nate was the only brave one to ask Carmelo for his autograph. They were pretty tired as well and I'm sure just wanted to sleep. But they had a great time just to see them for a little bit and have a really cool, very spontaneous and very very lucky experience to tell everyone now. I didn't really think they would actually find them out of all the odds to. ITs crazy, but really awesome!!

School is going well. I really want to be done with it. I am tired of studying, but I still have another year left and who knows. Maybe I'll go to grad school for something. NOt sure yet. I do know that we could be here for a while if we decide to stay and go to BYU Law instead of some other state, which I think we really want to do, but we know BYU has a great law program so it wouldn't be that bad. Every thing is doing great, work is good for both of us and I've only had to get up twice really early in the morning since there has been so little snow here. We love every minute of our marriage and it just gets better everyday. I can't believe we have been married 8 MONTHS. whew how time just flys by when your having fun!!!

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  1. I love your couch. And the lovesack! You are right, there is no place to walk but it looks like a comfy sitting area! You Albas always did have the most comfy couches on earth.