Monday, May 9, 2011

Church in Cambodia

We went to church and it was an awesome experience. Spencer actually knew a few of them from back in the states because one girl served her mission and was in the MTC with him and the other one married a white guy and helped him with the recording project he had to do with the MTC. There were tons of people there in sacrament, sure they were mostly 30 minutes late, but it was a huge branch. There was a whole family who got confirmed to and that was amazing to see. It is so incredible how on the other side of the world, the gospel is still so strong and true. I feel like more is happening in the gospel over here then in the US sometimes. Because of the strong spirit each member brings with them, you can get a sense of their faith and see for yourselves how so many miracles are happening all over the world.

Spencer had to whisper in my ear the whole time, but he told me the jest of what the guy/ girl was talking about and just told me which stories they were sharing or what scriptures. I then was like O Yeah ok! So, the members were all so nice to me and in Relief Society, some of them spoke English and then said what they said again in Khmer, but I was with a Sister Senior Missionary so they know to do that as well when she was there.

It is so funny to walk around the streets or to go places because most of the people come up to me first and start talking, or like in church one lady asked me where the sister missionary has been for the last few weeks, but I didn't understand that until another girl knew both English and Khmer interpreted for us. The lady just laughed and so did I. It is pretty funny to see the peoples reactions when I don't know Khmer, but Spencer starts speaking it to them.

I was thinking that I would start my internship yesterday, but when we met with one of the man directors, he said that they have been so busy, that he hasn't had enough time to talk with another guy, but that guy is out of town the whole week on training. So now I won't start until the first week of June because this week and next week they have Cambodian holidays so there isn't going to be any work. Then the week after that we were going to take the week off when Ralph, the director of the internship, comes into town and we are going to go to the killing fields and Angkor Wat. So, it all turned out for me to start in June and just work for them for 2 whole months instead. This is what the other 4 kids are going to be doing as well in their internships. Spencer is now worried and doesn't really know what we are going to do the rest of this week with them, because next week we are going to the beach!!! It's called Sihanoukville and we are going to leave next Wednesday and not come back until Saturday night. YAY!!! Since my mom is going to the beach this week, I get to go next week. It is a touristy spot and they even have a small cruise type deal you can do for only $50 bucks. That includes everything, all the fun things to do, to eat, and a place to sleep. That only lasts 2 days, so I am not quite sure what we are going to be doing at that time, so we shall see.

We are still alive and kicking and are having so much fun! IF you ever get a chance to do something like this, take it cause its definitely going to be totally worth it!

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  1. You so pretty, and I love your surrong (I probably totally butchered that spelling) haha. I feel like I would be so scared/nervous to be in Cambodia and not know my way around or what people are saying, but you have such a positive attitude, and sounds like you are having a great experience :)