Friday, May 20, 2011

The Squatter

So today we went to a waterfall a little outside of Sihanoukeville. It was really fun although I got my swim trunks all dirty. I was scared at one point because we saw this Cambodian guy swimming around with goggles and and spear, trying to catch fish. The only time I have seen this before was on an episode of River Monsters, where a man in Thailand was fishing for a fish called the Snakefish, a type of fish that has been accused of killing humans. Anyway, hopefully that wasn’t the same kind of fish this guy was going for.

After swimming in the the waterfall for a little bit, we had some lunch, and as always happens after I eat, it was time to go to the bathroom. When I arrived at the outhouse, I opened the door and saw that the toilet was in the floor. I had never seen one like this before, but thought is was rather non-hygienic. But nature was calling so I decided that before proceeding I should wipe down the toilet seat with the toilet paper that I had brought in my backpack. (We bring it with us everywhere as most places don’t have any.) After wiping down the seat I sat down on the toilet with my legs in the shape of a “V”. I thought to myself, wow this position is not very conducive to the task at hand. I also wondered how people with butts smaller than mine, (basically all Cambodians) ever sit on these without falling in. Needless to say I did my business and got out of there.

It wasn’t till just a little bit ago, when I was complaining about how nasty the bathrooms were, that I learned that these were the infamous “squatters”. It all makes sense now. Of course I was the laughing stock of the group at the dinner table and the rest of the night, and probably for the foreseeable future- the man who sat on the squatter.

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