Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ultimate Loser Contest!!

So Spencer and I have been doing this contest with my family. Over the Christmas break, we did some fitness activities, like I learned how to play basketball and shoot better and tennis. We have already been good on working out last semester, but we ate out too much, or too much junk food. Finally I decided enough is enough. Tristan came up with a great idea for the Ultimate Loser Contest to go down. So we all weighed ourselves (Tristan, Erin, Spencer, and Me) and decided from there where we wanted to be by March 12, which is our Lucky Leaf beach trip (Topsail Island, NC)! We also bet that whoever loses the most has to pay for our reward dinner to.......drum roll.....
PAPPASITO'S! CANTINA!!! Now Spencer and I have more motivation, then last semester, to lose weight and get back in shape. We are doing well and have been eating much healthier, which is making me feel good again! Kelsey and Pat have also come into the competition and everyone is working hard to get that dinner. I am excited and I hope that Spencer and I will win, well I know we will win. We have gone to the gym and put got our P90x on as well!! GOOD LUCK Tristy, Erin, Kels, and Pat cause our game faces are on!

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