Tuesday, January 3, 2012


No I am not talking about Tim Tebow, the quarterback for the Broncos. I am talking about our new cute kitten we adopted from the Humane Society. It all started with our apartment complex having the Humane Society come and show off some of their animals. We went just to look for fun and I totally fell in love with a kitten named Raye. She was super sweet and fun to play with. Then I asked how much to buy her, they said $75. That was it, we were totally shocked and I started being really excited to talking to Spencer and we decided to get her after the holidays and wait for our grant money to go through again. A few weeks later I look online to she her picture, and low and behold, she wasn't there anymore. I emailed them right away and asked if she was still available, but she was just adopted by another family a few days before. I was so sad, and Spencer was as well because he told me he was going to surprise me with her for Christmas as a present for both of us. Then I was in search of a new pet for us to get and I found a few others kittens equally cute. He was at the Marietta Humane Society, which is where my parents live, instead in the Athens one and we went to look at a few and found Houdini. We loved him and put a hold on him so we could get him after Christmas. I couldn't wait and we picked him up a few days before Christmas, and called him Tebow. It was either naming a cat Tebow or our kid and I chose the cat of course. Spencer is truly a die hard Broncos fan. This picture does not do him justice and he is as cute as can be. He just started to warm up to my parents house, and is now all turned around again at our apartment. He is scared, happy, playful, and cute all at the same time. At least this time he didn't hide under our couch for too long. I will post more cuter pictures later!

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