Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

So I decided I wanted to make a huge, fun, delicious dinner. We had it once at my brothers family, Jesse and Alicia. Plus it was Easter type meal. I decided to make yummy lamb with homemade pitas, homemade hummus, and homemade chocolate chip cookie dough cake! Yes this cake might sound really gross, but it was probably the most
delicious cake I have ever had. I had about one or two bites and looked at Spencer and his was basically gone, so I think he really LOVED it!

So on Saturday I made the yellow cake, homemade and I think I will never buy a box cake again, and put it in the freezer, and I put the chickpeas to soak over night for the hummus, I made the pita dough on Friday because the recipe said that 3 days (which I didn't have) allows the flavors to get in.

For church I tried putting curls in my hair buy twisting and wrapping about 5 different places in my hair Saturday night, with a bandanna (but I didn't have one, so I used a slip and tied the bottom). Poor Spencer, he still loved me after all of this plus on time I tried the sock bun curls (which didn't work) and had a sock in my hair. He just laughed and said your so cute! Anyways the next morning I took it all out and I totally had BIG HAIR! Spencer said it looked good, but it was all frizzy, and huge, so I just ended up tying it back. But NY& CO was having a huge sale one everything and Spencer let me buy a new dress for Easter. It is super cute and everyone at church loved it!!! But of course when I sat down on the bed before I we left the elastic broke so I had to but a belt around it because Spencer ripped up the receipt and I took of the tag so it is too late to fix, but I think it is fixable.

After church I cut off all the fat off the lamb and marinaded it for an hour and cooked it for 1 1/2 in the oven and simmered the chick peas for 1 1/2 hours. While that was cooking, I made the butter cream frosting, cooked some cookies to decorate/eat the cake with, frosted the cake, made cookie dough balls (Spencer did those) and decorated the cake. It turned out super cute I think and I couldn't wait to eat it later! Then I made the hummus, in the blender which took quite a while since it was supposed to us a food processor, but it still turned out really good.

I then had to roll out the pitas and cook those after the lamb was finished. I decorated and set the table, cut up the veggies and then called Spencer to dinner after he cut the meat for me!

Everything turned out delicious and was totally slave labor that I had to endure to get everything done that took the whole 5 hours to do because I tried to do everything right and it took me a while. But after all that effort, we sat down for dinner and ate it all in like 10 minutes. It was all so good, we stuffed ourselves to the brim. We had to wait for the cake, which was amazing, and is Spencers new fav!

After all that work, it took me forever and my feet are killing me, but it was totally worth it. I just wish we asked some people over because we have tons of food left! Just more for us for leftovers!


o and we are probably going to be in Utah this summer for two months for Spencer to do a law internship over at BYU! We won't know for sure for a few more weeks, but its looking more like we will everyday! So if your in Utah, lets Play!

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  1. Yummm.. that all sounds delicious. I made hummus the other night, but I didn't have tahini. Did you and if so, where did you buy it? We might be in Utah too this summer so we'll have to play. Miss you!
    ps. I got a new blog