Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeling bigger!

Everyday, after I eat, especially by the end of the day, I feel really big! When I wake up, I don't really feel it or see it too much, but after eating my tummy gets big. Is this normal? I think it is because I have seen and read other pregnancy blogs that have happened to them as well. I cannot wait for 3 more weeks and we get to find out the gender! What I really need to do, now that I have more energy again, is some workout. At work, I basically sit down all day and I feel like I need to get up about every hour to walk around. This makes me not so stir crazy, and helps with circulation with the baby. Occasionally I get to go out and help the other curators outside, which I like to do. At least I can keep doing it for now! What are some good workouts you have done when pregnant? I have heard yoga is good, and will definitely try that. Anything else? Spencer has been so cute, and makes me love him even more during my pregnancy. Always taking good care of me, rubbing my tummy, and giving it a kiss. I know he will be an amazing daddy come August! I was telling him yesterday how excited I am to have our baby in our arms, and that I couldn't wait another 5 months! It feels like forever, yet I know when I get closer I will probably be saying hurry up and get our baby out so I won't be uncomfortable anymore! I dunno I guess we will see. The only thing that makes me really nervous is the delivery. I haven't really read to much about the options and what all it entails, but that hospitals and needles don't mix well with me. I am definitely a give me my epidural kinda of person, I don't know if I could handle all the pain, but I don't want to see that huge needle go in my back either. EWWWW! Faint big time. I could hardly stand the doctors taking 7 viles of my blood. Ok breath..... anyways I am excited about everything else, but just worried/scared about delivery. At least science has come such a long way since a decade and they know what their doing! This past weekend, Spencer and I went down to Atlanta to stay with my brother Tristan, and his wife Erin and their son Parker. It was fun, of course I messed up with our restaurant experience. We went to try this Brazilian Steakhouse through a groupon deal and the service was kinda slow, food not that great (of course we kept comparing it to Tucanos), and even after our groupon we still had to pay $30 each. It was definitely not worth the money at all. It made me so mad how expensive it all was, on their website, don't even have the prices. Next time I am calling about the price to see how much everything is. It was still fun, just makes me want Tucanos to get our grilled pineapple and better meats!


  1. i'm so excited for you!! you're lucky because the second trimester totally rocks :) i bet you are the cutest pregnant girl!

  2. Don't worry too much about the delivery, it is not guaranteed that you will have a bad experience. I loved giving birth and immediately after I thought to myself how I would totally do it all again no problem. And you won't be able to watch the needle go in if you get an epidural because it is behind you. And most likely your contractions will be painful enough by that point that you will hardly care about the needle. I am so happy for you that you are pregnant!