Monday, June 20, 2011

Pizza experience!!

This awful, plastic, fake looking pizza cost us $10. While being here on the trip, we have missed pizza and have tried to get it at a few places. Since last weekend we celebrated our Anniversary by staying at a nice hotel for 3 nights, we thought the pizza would be better the last night we stayed there. The other food they have had was amazing and all delicious. Spencer decides to order pizza the last night and get some other things for room service. First of all, the other food we ordered came and we had to sign to get the pizza to come. So we started eating the other food, anxious to see how the pizza would turn out. It finally arrives with a knock on the door, Spencer answers it and takes the pizza and puts it on the kitchen counter instead of the table we are sitting at since it is full of all the other food plates. We eat our appetizers we order and he goes to get his pizza. Low and behold is this fake, rubbery cheese pizza that is burnt in front of us. He takes the first bite and it tastes awful. Not only does the cheese bounce, but you can left up all the ingredients and see the bread part underneath in one clean lift. Of course, Spencer being still hunger, eats about 2 and a half pieces before he calls it quits. It was the most disgusting pizza I have ever seen. All I know is that we are going to be ordering pizza soon after we get back into the states.

Luckily a few days later we found another pizza place. We decide to try it because Spencer is craving a decent pizza from the last episode. It wasn't that bad and was probably the best pizza we have had here. You can tell the dough was homemade and I think the only thing they are still bad at is the sausage and the cheese. Don't worry it wasn't rubber or fake looking, they just don't know the right way to use cheese since they never use it in their own food. O well, it is still good for now and they also DELIVER!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I know that we will be ordering that again from our apartment next time.

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