Monday, July 18, 2011

Five Guys and Hawaiian Ice of Cambodia

Spencer and I have found this amazing snow cone place that is so scrumptious and I don't know what I would do without it. I loved going to get one last summer after a long hot day of work at the Provo Temple grounds. It was so refreshing and yummy and I was sooooo sad that I wasn't going to be able to do that. Well turns out there is a place right on the corner from where we live. I LOVE IT! The lady there is actually the wife of one of our tuk tuk drivers that we usually use and they are both super nice. One day I saw a little girl getting a shave ice and I said, that is it I am going to get one too. They put some gummy type things in the bottom, you choose which ones you want or dried fruit, shaved ice, then sugar palm syrup(probably the best part), then some more shaved ice, put cherry and some other green syrup on top with a milky type syrup last. Yes it is very very sweet, but soooooooo GOOD!! I am so excited that we found this place, cause now I probably will go at least once a week.

Yesturday for FHE, we decided to go out to eat before we had our lesson to a place called Mike's Burger House. All the senior couples told us that it is like the IN-N-OUT of Cambodia! Well personally strongly disagree that In-N-Out is the best place, because it isn't. Five Guys is way better bigger burgers, more fries and have delicious seasoning and you get stuffed to the brim. Anyways, we went there and I got the classic American Bacon Cheese Burger with fries and a ROOT BEER FLOAT!! Spencer and I were extremely happy about the ROOT BEER FLOATS and I think I peed my pants a little it was like a dream come true. OF course Spencer got the Chili Double Cheese Burger with fries and ROOT BEER FLOAT!! They even use A&W root beer. It was delicious and way better than IN-N-OUT will ever be. The Cambodian who opened it up is from California, which I am sure he got the idea from In-n-out. It is finally a home away from home for me. A place that actually fills my American food delight craving. I can't wait to go back and I hope that we will soon. I was super stuffed though and I totally forgot how fating American food really is. I am actually glad that I haven't had to eaten that all summer, and I think I will be better about not eating so much fast food when we go home because it just makes you feel sick after you eat. You don't feel good about yourself like you do when you eat Asian food. It's kinda crazy how that happens, but it does. (I took the pictures after I started eating it and doesn't look as happy or appealing as it really is, but I promise you that it was the most delicious burger I have had in a really long time!!)

YAY for Mike's Burger House!!!

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  1. Hahahaha this post reminds me of Mike's bar and grill. We miss you so much Kaitlin! May you rest in peace. :)