Monday, July 25, 2011

Transformers 3- 3D and Carnival

The other day we were eating at a restaurant and the TV was an. A commercial came on that showed Transformers 3 and said they had a movie cinema place called Legends Cinema at City Mall. I looked it up and low and behold they have a real copy of Transformers 3 and in 3D. Spencer and I were so excited. Last Friday we went on a date to go and see it. I got popcorn and it was divine. I have missed popcorn so much, and we got free drinks for getting our tickets. I wish it was like that in US. Anyways of course I had to go to the bathroom half way through, so I asked Spencer for a ticket in case they asked. He fumbled through his pockets and finally found one(This has a point in the story I will tell it later). Then right near the end of it when Sam saves his over the top gorgeous girlfriend, the power goes out. It was extremely sad and we should of thought of that, but I think it took about 10 minutes of it to come back on. Only in Cambodia would that happen because it goes out all the time.

I have to say it was better than the second, but the first is still the winner. So after the show we go back to our apartment, Spencer realizes he lost his keys at the theater when he was getting the ticket our for me. Good thing we asked for an extra set and I grabbed mine right before we left. It was already 12 am and the mall was closed. We just decided to wait for the next day to go back and when we did, IT WAS THERE!! We were both shocked and surprised on one had taken them. YAY!!!

Saturday night we went to the Carnival, well it really wasn't much and only had a Ferris wheel, and a boat that goes back and forth. I didn't ride the boat cause I get super sick and by the time we were ready to ride the Ferris wheel, it was closed (even though the park still had 30 minutes til close). I just don't understand why everywhere we go, they say it closes at 9 or 10 and everyone closes 30 min and an hour before that. IT was still fun. We decided to go through the shrub bush maze, and we got lost many times but found some hearts and a dinosaurs head to take pictures. I had fun, and I got some ice cream to make it even worth it. The only game they had to play was darts to pop a balloon. They had about 8 different booths of the same exact thing. I think someone needs to teach them different games so they can actually get some business.

I really don't understand why they do that because anywhere you go whether it be a pharmacy, a restaurant, a shoe/clothing store, a machine part store they have a whole block of the same exact store that sells the same exact things. How do they ever get business?

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