Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lok Lak Dinner!

Since Spencer has made it through his first semester and is done, I asked him to make us dinner this week. He surprised me and made Lok Lak, a delicious Cambodian dish that we have both been craving since we've been back. While in Cambodia, we had this meal at least 4 times a week. Every place we went made it different, but equally good. I was very impressed with his cooking skills because it was DIVINE!! Not the same as over there, but super, super scrumptious. It was a bit spicy, but not too spicy where you can only have a few bites. He also cleaned up our apartment, wrote a new blog on his sports website, worked out with me, and was a basic stay at home mom (husband) for me (no we are not expecting, just a funny comment Spencer told me that was what he felt like). IT was totally awesome to come home and not worry about cleaning or making dinner for us. I hope that he will make us dinner more often because he really is a wonderful cook. He also bought me some gorgeous flowers to surprise me, but didn't realize at all that they were totally fake. I saw them and thought they were pretty, and then I got up close and said, these are fake. He said "THEY ARE, OOO MAN! I can never do anything right." I thanked him and hugged him anyways for the thought, plus they will never die!

We have loved living in Athens, GA for the past few months. Spencer is doing awesome at law school and enjoying it being over for now. I like my new job at the Botanical Garden of Georgia. I am the plant recorder there, which basically makes the signs for the plant common and scientific name, and origin on it. I get to use a dark room, and it is almost the same way you would develop pictures, which is pretty cool. I also keep up all the records of all the plants on the grounds, coming in and taking out. It's very different then shoveling snow at 2 AM, but I can't complain because I it helps us pay bills. Although being at a computer all day gets really tiring, and I think I would rather shovel snow. Seems totally crazy, but I like being active and outside, which is part of the reason why I chose my major. All is well over here, we miss our friends at BYU, but are glad to not be in Utah anymore. It's beautiful weather out here, still in the 60's the past few weeks at times, and I feel like it will be a great Christmas. I am sad that my parents will be leaving us, but I do know that they will be great on their Mission and be great Mission President/ Mission Pres. Wife!

Thinking about getting a kitty, but not sure yet since I love dogs way more, Spencer is really the cat person, but we saw this super cute kitty at the Humane Society and I fell in love. She was sold unfortunately, and Spencer was going to surprise me with her for Christmas. O well, we will see if we find anything, because I am not going to get one unless I love it like I did the other kitty.


  1. I haven't heard from you in forever! It sounds like you are doing great! Love you girl!

  2. Your new job sounds right out of a movie. Seriously, it seems so glam. I love that you are a plant expert. When did you shovel snow?! That's awesome about your parents. Where are they going? We want to get a kitty too but I just want it to stay tiny forever! Merry Christmas!